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The Manuel Rosenberg Course in Newspaper Art

By Manuel Rosenberg
The Cincinnati Post
Foreward by T. C. O'Donnell
Formerly Editor of Cartoons Magazine

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The Manuel Rosenberg Course in Newspaper Art
Published by the author in 1922. This book is aimed at a student who wishes to pursue a career in illustration for publication. Although specific to the newspaper business there is much valuable information which is applicable today.

The illustrations are excellent and the quality of the writing is clear. Here is an example from a lesson about sketching the President of the United States, Warren G. Harding, "...Observe how the eye is handled - a heavy line for the upper lid, the lower lid partially invisible - merely suggested.

Observe that the fullness of the cheek is suggested by the lay of the lines thereon.

These lines are not connected at the nose lobe. To do so might cause a feeling of hardness and thus add age.

Note how the lines below the side of the mouth run to suggest the turn of the face in that are. To show that section with lines drawn downward more often gives the face a depressed appearance at the mouth if not properly handled..."

From the preface:
The present Lessons have been prepared to fill what I have felt to be a definite need for a Course that, without going too deeply into the fundamentals of art, would, at the same time, give the student such essentials as, along with the more important “tricks of the trade,” would fit him for a position on a newspaper art staff. Once engaged in practical newspaper art it would be for the student to apply these principles to new problems and conditions as they might arise from day to day in his actual work.

Many young people, anxious to enter this field, have been deterred by the prospect of having to take a long period of training in academic art, which, while admirable as a background for any branch of art, yet circumstances often make impracticable, and even impossible, for people with a genuine talent for drawing. A Course that would explain in a simple way just what a newspaper artist is called upon to do and how to do it, would fit these persons for any position on a staff, and then put it up to their initiative to develop through the medium of their daily duties.

To keep the Course as practical as possible, I have used, except in some. of the early Lessons on drawing and similar subjects, only those illustrations which have actually been used in my own daily work. These drawings will be found to cover practically every kind of picture which the artist on a newspaper staff will be called upon to make.

192 pages. 149 illustrations

A fascinating and entertaining introduction to the field of illustration $3.95


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