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The Manuel Rosenberg Course in Newspaper Art

By Manuel Rosenberg
The Cincinnati Post
Foreward by T. C. O'Donnell
Formerly Editor of Cartoons Magazine

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Home Learn How to Draw How to draw People
Learn How to Draw Perspective How to Paint How to Draw Cartoons

Home Learn How to Draw How to draw People
Learn How to Draw Perspective How to Paint How to Draw Cartoons

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The Manuel Rosenberg Course in Newspaper Art
Published by the author in 1922. This book is aimed at a student who wishes to pursue a career in illustration for publication. Although specific to the newspaper business there is much valuable information which is applicable today.

From the Table of Contents:

Lesson 1. Selecting the Equipment
Lesson 2. Furnishing the Studio
Lesson 3. The Tools of the Trade
Lesson 4. Points on Pen Handling
Lesson 5. Drawing the Human Figure
Lesson 6. Drawing the Head
Lesson 7. The Form of the Eye
Lesson 8. The Meaning of Profiles
Lesson 9. The Hands and Feet
Lesson 10. The Anatomy of the Child
Lesson 11. Blocking-In Methods
Lesson 12. “Daffydil” Figure Layouts
Lesson 13. Getting Portrait Values. A Likeness
Lesson 14. From Babyhood to Old Age
Lesson 15. A Study of Animal Anatomy
Lesson 16. The Laws of Perspective
Lesson 17. Composition
Lesson 18. Drawing Outdoor Objects
Lesson 19. Color and Design Values
Lesson 20. Engraving Processes
Lesson 21. The Chalk Plate Method
Lesson 22. Measurement Methods
Lesson 23. The Silver Print
Lesson 24. Designs for Backgrounds
Lesson 25. Layouts
Lesson 26. Headings and Lettering
Lesson 27. Newspaper Illustrations
Lesson 28. Dead Lines
Lesson 29. Making Newspaper Maps
Lesson 30. Becoming a Cartoonist
Lesson 31. Drawing the Caricature
Lesson 32. Animal Cartoons
Lesson 33. The Cartoonette
Lesson 34. The Artist’s Signature
Lesson 35. On Sketching Assignments
Lesson 36. Selecting the Sketching Pad
Lesson 37. “Human Interest” Approach
Lesson 38. Court Room Assignments
Lesson 39. Feature Biography Layouts
Lesson 40. The Theater Assignment
Lesson 41. Sketching the Dancers
Lesson 42. At the Scene of the Fire
Lesson 43. Poultry Show Sketches
Lesson 44. National Conventions
Lesson 45. Political Conventions
Lesson 46. Women’s Club Meetings
Lesson 47. “Covering” the Dog Show
Lesson 48. Day Off for the Picnic
Lesson 49. At the Automobile Show
Lesson 50. Sketching Banquet Speakers
Lesson 51. Playground Groups
Lesson 52. At the County Fair
Lesson 53. The Robbery Assignment
Lesson 54. In the Path of Disaster
Lesson 55. In the Riot Zone
Lesson 56. How to Use Filler Sketches
Lesson 57. Out-of-Town Assignments
Lesson 58. Scenes and Structures
Lesson 59. The Visiting Celebrity
Lesson 60. A Study in Profile Drawing
Lesson 61. When the President Comes
Lesson 62. The First Lady of the Land
Lesson 63. Pen Lines in Portraits
Lesson 64. Late-Hour Assignments
Lesson 65. The Home-Coming Celebrity
Lesson 66. The Care of the Eyes
Lesson 67. The Ethics of Promises
Lesson 68. Naturalness of Pose
Lesson 69. The Characteristic Pose
Lesson 70. The Editorial Staff
Lesson 71. Getting the First Job

192 pages. 149 illustrations

A fascinating and entertaining introduction to the field of illustration $3.95

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