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Figure Drawing Ebooks

How to Draw Cartoons

A library of cartoon e-books in PDF format.Click on a picture for more pictures.

Anime Studio 5 English Full Version

New - Figure Drawings Store for books about figure drawing, sketching and drawing for animation.

Drawing Made Easy A complete course in drawing for the young artist and student. Each lesson builds on the preceding one in a way that makes it fun to learn to draw.

The Manuel Rosenberg Course in Newspaper Art
Published as a practical introduction to newspaper illustration and using actual drawings by the author, this book remains an entertaining and useful demonstration of the way an artist can capture the imagination and the attention of an audience. Anyone working in publishing whether in print or on the web will enjoy this ebook.

  • Working Methods: Comic Creators Detail Their Storytelling And Artistic Processes
  • Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels
  • Comics & Sequential Art
  • How To Create Comics, From Script To Print
  • Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt - From Thumbnails to Finished Pencils

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    How to Draw by Leon Barritt


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