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How to Draw and Paint

A library of painting e-books in PDF format.Click on a picture for more pictures.

The Art of Color: The Subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color

New - Figure Drawings Store for books about figure drawing, sketching and drawing for animation.

Figure Painting in Water Colours by Contemporary British Artists
24 Colored Plates And a Foreword. Frank Brangwyn, Edmund Dulac, Sir William Orpen, John S. Sargent, and others.

Lessons in Figure Painting in Water Color
16 Pages of Description 16 Colored Plates And an Introduction. Each lesson consists of a written description of the colors used and their manner and order of application plus two color plates showing the painting in two stages of completion.

water color traite d'aquarell
Traité d'Aquarelle
Beautiful engravings and prints about the tools and methods of water color painting. Vincent Van Gogh and artists of his time studied this book.

A Course of Sepia Painting by R. P. Leitch
This ebook, like the other two below by R. P. Leitch, is a facsimile of an original book which was printed using a method called continuous tone printing. The effect of the plates is similar to silkscreen printing, but printed with transparent inks. The final product closely approximates the look of an actual water color painting and gives the artist and printer great control over the look and over the finished product. 32 Pages of Description 24 Plates - 4 pages of Advertisements - And an Introduction.

A Course of Painting in Neutral Tint by R. P. Leitch
The instruction given in this book is intended to form a medium between "Paintin in Sepia," and the "Course of Water Colour Painting." 2 Pages of Description 24 Plates - 4 pages of Advertisements - And an Introduction.

A Course of Water Colour Painting by R. P. Leitch
The final book in the series. 36 Pages of Description 24 Plates - 4 pages of Advertisements - And an Introduction.

A Treatise on Landscape Painting in Water Colours
116 Pages - 4 pages of Advertisements - 32 Outline Drawings - 24 Studies of Light and Shade - 16 Full Color Watercolor Illustrations.

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watercolor rendering watercolor rendering
Rendering in Water Color
Another from the series that produced The Figure in Action and Repose. This one gives easy to understand information about water-color painting along with a lot of examples.

The Theory and Practice of Color 53 Pages - plus 3 Illustrations and 9 color charts, which were hand painted paint chips in the original, and are reproduced in brilliant color in this digital version.

How to draw and paint How to draw and paint How to draw and paint

How to Draw and Paint
Basic instruction in drawing and painting, anatomy, portraits, figures, animals, perspective, design.


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