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Drawing Made Easy

A Book That Can Teach You How to Draw
By Charles Lederer
Founder Lederer School of Drawing; Book Magazine and Newspaper
Illustrator; Artist-Author of "The Junior Cartoonist"
and Other Juvenile Books

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Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy

Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy

Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy Drawing Made Easy

Drawing Made Easy
Published in 1913. The author has taken great care to provide a complete course in drawing for the young artist and student. Each lesson builds on the preceding one in a way that makes it fun to learn to draw. This would make an excellent addition to clasroom art lessons and could serve as a home-study course.

From the PREFACE:

Knowledge of drawing of a practical kind is of more use and is the least apt to be forgotten of any form of study not in constant use. Aside from the fact that the study of art encourages and fosters a love for the beautiful, as expressed in form and color, it has its every-day practical value. Information of various kinds can be imparted more readily to others by means of pictorial illustration than by the description of words, written or spoken.

More can be told by a few correctly placed lines than by many words. What geographical truth can be told by words alone? Pictures have ever told more than words. Facts are more easily impressed by pictures than by words. The date may be forgotten when William Penn signed his treaty with the Indians, but the fact that Penn did make an agreement with the red men, which is the most important feature of the event to know, will stand by one for life if the culminating or most important scene connected with that transaction has, by means of a picture, been impressed on the mind. A person may not know the latitude and longitude of the Pyramids of Egypt, but if one has seen a picture of them the conception so obtained will be more lasting and precise than could be given by pages of print. Art is the handmaid of every-day knowledge. There is no trade, no profession, no mess of any kind, in fact, whose follower is not benefit he has a knowledge of how to convey intelligently to others a pictorial message.


The publishers of DRAWING MADE EASY, as well as teachers and others interested in the study of elementary art are to be congratulated that Mr. Lederer has been induced to devote the necessary time and painstaking care in the preparation of this elaborate work. Mr. Lederer not only is a teacher of drawing, nation-wide in reputation, but also an artist-journalist of experience and recognized superiority...

...Many of the chapters are by themselves worth the price of the hook, because they teach by simplified diagram and explanation the very things that, by their intricacy ordinarily discourage the student. The chapters most conspicuous in this respect are those on perspective, pen-and-ink, ornamental design, and working drawings. Among the novelties is the chapter on pastel-stenciling, a departure from the usual mussiness attached to wet-stenciling. THE CAPITAL SUPPLY COMPANY.

350 Pages Including and Index and Glossary - Illustrations on nearly every page.
A great introduction to drawing
for the young artist.
A great introduction to figure drawing.
$12.20 $4.95

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