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Figure Drawing Ebooks

Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing

By Adolphe Armand Braun
Inventor of the A-B-C Method of Drawing
Director of the Association of Designers
Fifty-eight diagrams.
Seventy-eight pages of photographs

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Life Drawing anatomy

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Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing
Published in 1916.
From the Table of Contents.

The Art-Master’s Dilemma
The Correct View
The Complexity of Art Education
A Gradual Method
Practice does not impart knowledge
Drawing as Nature Worship
Why the name Hieroglyphic?
Life Drawing as an Experimental Study
Obvious, but
The ever fresh Ancient Greeks
Gymnastic Beauty
A glorious usage
Greek syntheticism
The reason why
What the Greeks knew and thought
Undress Yourself
The contrivance of joints, muscles and bones
A revolutionary theory on muscular action
Flexors and extensors
The relation of muscles to joints and bones
How the system is shielded from shock
Feel your bones
As bow and arrow
Observing athletic performances
Greek musculation
Repose analysed
Action analysed
Balance in repose
Balance in action
Dissecting the act of walking
Your mirror and yourself
Bonnet strings (sterno mastoid)
Breast and chest muscle (pectorals major and minor)
Great Indented (serratus magnus)
Crescent shaped (or lower) blade muscle (teres major)
Hood muscle (trapezius)
Waist muscle (external oblique
Straight abdominal (rectus abdominis
Straight thigh, Nelson, Napoleon (rectus femoris, vastus internus, vastus externus)
Band-muscle (fascia lata)
Twin-muscles of calf (gastrocnemius)
Extensors of toes
Flexors of toes
The Arm exhaustively explained
Wrist and hand
On selecting a model
General hints on figure drawing
Posing the Model
Please excuse me
The Art of Posing, an essay by Dorothy Lees
A stimulus to the study of beautiful curves, a letter by H. Langford Davis
Comments on the poses photographed, with compositions by W. Champneys and L. C. Bruno
Some Hieroglyphic Rflections by H. R. Millar
Turning Photographs into Pictures, by W. Champneys
The Photographic Basis, by Bernard Foster Stokes
The Photograph as an aid to Drawing, by H. R. Millar
A Pen Drawing from a Photograph, by H. R. Millar
Short list of useful modern books Anatomy, by E. Hesketh Hubbard
An Art Master on the Hieroglyphic Greek method of Life Drawing
Health and Beauty Exercises
Hands, Female Arm, Male Arms, Feet, Male Legs, Eyes, Mouths, Noses, Ears

Cover by L. C. Bruno
Hieroglyphic Design by G. Langdale
Initial letter by L. C. Bruno
Laocoon statue
Laocoon diagram
The Wrestlers, statue
The Wrestlers, diagram
Bones affecting surface form
Female torso, Orestes and Electra, Venus of Milo, diagrams, lay figures
Skeleton, front view
Skeleton, side view
Skeleton, back view
Physiological diagrams
Diagrams to aid the memory
Large bones of body and shouldr-blade
Foot and hand
Chest and shoulder-muscles
Great indented, hood and corset-muscle
Back, waist, and abdominal muscles
Arm muscles
Leg muscles
Niobe, Disc-thrower, Orpheus, Eurydice and Mercury, Venus of Milo, Greek votive disc, Athlete and Strigil, Myron’s Discobolus
Figures in violent action
Rapid sketches by A. A. Braun
  • whole figure
  • hands
  • heads and feet

    Figures divided into eight heads
    Diagrams to construct Miss Dorothy Lees’
  • head
  • figure

    Lines of beauty derived from various poses
    Algebraic curves
    Line compositions by H. R. Millar
    Line drawings of poses, anatomatically analysed
    Compositions by W. Champneys
    Compositions by L. C. Bruno
    Hieroglyphic Composition by H. R. Millar
    Rough Layout
    Caricature by David Wilson
    Photographs and line sketches to illustrate:
  • The Photographic Basis by Bernard Foster Stokes

    Praxiteles Venus, Vatican, Rome
    La Baigneuse, photograph
    Line drawing from La Baigneuse photo graph by H. R. Millar
    Health exercises illustrations
    References by Edgar D. Cooke:
  • Feet
  • Male legs
  • Ears
  • Hands
  • Female arms
  • Male arms
  • Eyes
  • Mouths
  • Noses

    Line drawing of Chansons Fléroiques by G. M. Ellwood

  • A valuable study guide for anyone interested in life drawing.
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