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The Figure in Action

International Library of Technology

A series of Textbooks for Persons engaged in engineering professions, trades, and vocational occupations or for those who desire information concerning them.
Fully Illustrated

This book is a companion to Elements of Figure Drawing and The Figure in Repose.

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figure in action figure in action figure in action figure in action figure in action

figure in action figure in action figure in action figure in action figure in action

figure in action figure in action figure in action figure in action

The Figure in Action

75 pages, 41 illustrations.

Action Contrasted With Repose. It has been learned that the chief characteristic of the standing figure in repose is the manner in which it is disposed about a vertical center line of support, this center line remaining stable and undisturbed. When the stability of this vertical line of support becomes disturbed the figure makes an effort to regain its equilibrium; this effort is termed action...

Function of Snapshot Photographs It is extremely difficult to be able to sketch, from life, figures in rapid or violent action, especially when one is untrained in such sketching. Usually, by the time he has decided upon the main action lines or framework forms, the subject has gone or the action and movement have been concluded. The best way, therefore, start drawing figures in action is to take simple snapshot photographs of typical examples of action.

Drawing from special charcoal studies of the human figure is the proper method for staring to draw the figure, because these studies are graded in such a way as to show the proper stages of making a drawing. When so understood, the use of such special studies cannot be considered as copy work, as the term is usually used, but they serve as a training in the proper method of working.

A series of exercises designed to familiarize the student with drawing figures in action, Includes:
Action contrasted with repose.
Expressing typical attitudes of action.
Limitations of movement.
Drawing from photographs.
Drawing from living models.
Making rapid-action sketches.
Making sketches from memory.
Facial Expressions.
Figure drawing exercises.


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Still-life and figure drawing: Line drawing, model drawing, light and shade, the human figure, the figure in repose, the figure in action (International library of technology) at Amazon.com

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