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List of all the e-books on these pages:

The Sculptor and Art Student's Guide to the Proportions of the Human Form Famous but very rare treatise on classical figures after the work of the greek sculptor Polycletus. This is an English translation of the German by Johann Gottfried Shadow.

The Art Student's Guide to the Bones and Muscles of the Human Body and Lessons on Foreshortening Johann Gottfried Shadow's first book for art students, very clear studies of bones and muscles derived from the work of Albinus, plus plates on normal and ideal proportion of the human figure and plates on the foreshortening of the head from various views.
The School of Raphael or The Student's Guide to Expression in Historical Painting.This book was the published to demonstrate the range of human expression, 248 pages, with 200 illustrations.
The Human Head The Anatomy, Expressions, Features, Proportions and Positions of the Head and Face. 134 pages, 64 plates.
Anatomy for Artists Painters and Sculptors Anatomical Drawings for Art Students, Painter and Sculptors in full color, 82 pages with 27 plates and 23 additional illustrations plus 12 additional ink drawings of bones and muscles.
Modelling This book, published in 1922 shows with clear text and excellent illustrations how to sculpt the human figure. It incorporates a knowledge of anatomy and of the techniques and tools of the sculptor. 157 illustrations including 38 photographs of work in progress.
A Treatise on Muscular Action This 1794 book demonstrates with 30 intricate and beautiful plates the advantage of exercise. For illustrators and artists interested in action figures and animation the plates provide inspiration.
Figure Drawing By Richard G. Hatton This is an unusually complete book on drawing the figure from the beginning of the last century. In his time he was one of the most prolific authorities on the art of drawing. Other books he pubished included "Figure Composition," "Design," and "Perspective for Art Students."
Elements of Drawing - Drawing From the Life 2 hard to find portfolios of techniques and methods of drawing the human figure by Professor Edward Stiefel of Switzerland. The Human Body and Parts of The Human Body. "
Better Figure Drawing Learn to draw figures like they did in the 1950s. Lots of examples tips, and tricks. Ways to make the figure more dynamic, how to draw pinups and glamour girls.
Life Drawing - Croquis de Pierre Lissac 68 pages with illustrations on every page.
Anatomical Atlas
Six Hundred and Thirty Six Figures in beautifully detailed engravings. Bones and Ligaments, Dermoid and Muscular Systems, Organs of Digestion and Generation, Organs of Respiration and Circulation, and The Nervous System and Senses.
Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing
Included are essays on how to draw plus examples but the main feature is many photographs of a young model from the beginning of the Twentieth Century in multiple useful poses.
Anatomical Engravings
Selections from two early works about human anatomy. These two volumes, one by Eustachius and one by Bernardino Genga formed the basis for the modern study of anatomy.
The Figure in Repose
Illustrations and examples from a drawing manual about figure drawing. One of a series.
The Figure in Action
A companion manual to The Figure in Repose.
How Harry Cook Learned to Draw
An actual students drawing journal. Useful to know how drawing was taught a hundred years ago and useful to think about how drawing might be taught again today.
An Elementary Course in Free Hand Geometrical DrawingPaintings
This could very well have been a resource for the previous book's drawing lessons. It shows drawing conventions as they relate to geometrical forms.
Figure Painting in Water ColoursPaintings by Contemporary British Artists - 24 Colored Plates And a Foreword. Frank Brangwyn, Edmund Dulac, Sir William Orpen, John S. Sargent, and others.
Lessons in Figure Painting in Water ColorsPaintings
16 Pages of Description 16 Colored Plates And an Introduction. Each lesson consists of a written description of the colors used and their manner and order of application plus two color plates showing the painting in two stages of completion.
Rendering in Water Color
Another from the series that produced The Figure in Action and Repose. This one gives easy to understand information about water-color painting along with a lot of examples.
Traité d'Aquarelle
Beautiful engravings and prints about the tools and methods of water color painting. Vincent Van Gogh and artists of his time studied this book.
A Treatise on Landscape Painting in Water Colours
116 Pages - 4 pages of Advertisements - 32 Outline Drawings - 24 Studies of Light and Shade - 16 Full Color Watercolor Illustrations
A Course of Sepia Painting
32 Pages of Description 24 Plates - 4 pages of Advertisements - And an Introduction.
A Course of Painting in Neutral Tint
32 Pages of Description 24 Plates - 4 pages of Advertisements - And an Introduction.
A Course of Water Colour Painting
36 Pages of Description 24 Plates - 4 pages of Advertisements - And an Introduction.
The Theory and Practice of Color
53 Pages - plus 3 Illustrations and 9 color charts which were hand painted paint chips in the original, and are reproduced in brilliant color in this digital version.
Drawing Made Easy
A complete course in drawing for the young artist and student. Each lesson builds on the preceding one in a way that makes it fun to learn to draw.
Figure Drawing for Children
Published in 1893. This book is addressed to the young artist but because the author takes care to completely address the process of drawing the young figure it is of interest to any artist beginning to draw figures.
The Manuel Rosenberg Course in Newspaper Art
Published as a practical introduction to newspaper illustration and using actual drawings by the author, this book remains an entertaining and useful demonstration of the way an artist can capture the imagination and the attention of an audience. Anyone working in publishing whether in print or on the web will enjoy this ebook.
How to Draw - Instruction in the Art of Illustration
Full page examples of figure drawing and illustration.
Traite de Perspective a l'usage des ArtistesThis is the most complete, one of the most influential and without a doubt the most beautiful book on perspective ever published.
International Library of Technology - Perspective This ebook consists of three lesson in perspective drawing. Parallel Perspective, Angular Perspective, Pictorial Perspective.
An Introduction to Perspective Drawing and Painting
A basic introduction to drawing in perspective.
Elements of Figure Drawing
Another one from the technical drawing series includes examples of methods and models.
Practical Drawing
An unusually complete book on drawing, figures, perspective, composition, geometry, pen and ink methods, charcoal drawing and more.
How to Draw and Paint
Basic instruction in drawing and painting, anatomy, portraits, figures, animals, perspective, design.
A Guide to Figure Drawing
Basic guide to figure drawing.
Anatomical Diagrams For the Use of Art Students
3 color diagrams of anatomy with labels.
Anatomy, Bones, Muscles and Features of the Head, and how to draw them.
Artists' Models in New York
Free sample download so you can see how the process works.
Figure Drawings by Tom Richardson
Drawings from life drawing sessions.
Figure Drawings by Grace A. Young
Drawings from figure drawing classes.
Figure Drawings by Cedric Fleetwood Weaver
Colorful drawings from life drawing classes.
In progress.
Korperschulung Neue Folge
Drawings after an early twentieth century work on exercise.

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